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MSC Divina
    • Date
    • Port
    • Arrive
    • Depart
    • Date: Sun 18/06/23
    • Port: Valletta / Malta
    • Depart: 18:00
    • Date: Mon 19/06/23
    • Port: At Sea
    • Date: Tue 20/06/23
    • Port: Santorini / Greece
    • Arrive: 07:00
    • Depart: 16:00
    • Date: Tue 20/06/23
    • Port: Mykonos / Greece
    • Arrive: 20:30
    • Date: Wed 21/06/23
    • Port: Mykonos / Greece
    • Depart: 14:00
    • Date: Thu 22/06/23
    • Port: At Sea
    • Date: Sun 25/06/23
    • Port: Valletta / Malta
    • Arrive: 07:00

Itinerary-Ship encounters

Traveled Distance: 3,467.17 km/1,872.12 nm

Itinerary may be subject to change at any time.

Additional Remarks

Sadly there's no route map available for this voyage


** Children: at departure younger than 13

Included in Cruise Price

Not included benefits

Special Services

MSC COVID-19 additional insurance (CCP01)

Assumption of any costs incurred in connection with COVID-19 for travel cancellation and rescission, for medical treatment and medication on board/in the hospital, as well as the costs of medical repatriation of the sick person including an accompanying person. We will be happy to send you the detailed conditions. The insurance can be booked immediately with the booking or at the latest 30 days before departure and exclusively by guests residing in Germany, Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Spain, France, Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Croatia, Lithuania, Latvia, Malta, the Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway.

€25.00 per person
Arrival & Departure



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