Frequent Questions (FAQ)

1. What is

We are one of the largest specialized travel agencies for cruises in Germany. We do not own or operate any of the ships, but we help you in booking the cruises directly with the cruise lines. Please finde more information about us here.

2. Are your prices end prices?

Yes. All prices that you see on our website are end prices, i.e. there are no taxes, fees or booking charges added at a later stage. One exception may be fuel surcharges, which may be imposed by cruise lines even after the time of booking. The total voyage price may not rise more than 5 % though, and a fuel surcharge is only allowed in case of signficantly rising oil prices.

You can see with every cruises' description what is included in the price.

On board the ship, you will need to pay a service charge (also called "gratuities" by the cruise lines). The amount is also mentioned with every cruise on our website.

3. Do you have prices in US-Dollars or Pound Sterling?

No. All prices on our website are in Euros. You can see the approximate amount in foreign currencies by changing the "Currency" dropdown above the price table for any cruise.

Please note that all payments need to be made in Euros. The currency conversion will be done by your bank or credit card company at the time of payment at their current exchange rate.

4. What are your cancellation policies?

All terms and conditions are set forth by the cruise lines themselves. We book all cruises through the German offices or general agents of the cruise lines, which have their own terms and conditions. These may differ from the terms in other countries.

Wherever available, you can find an English version of the cruise lines' terms and conditions linked from our website.

In general, the level of consumer protection is very high in Germany, and there is a rigid control of terms used in consumer contracts. Please note that cancellations are never free of charge with any cruise line. Cancellation fees vary according to the time until the cruise starts and between cruise lines. The usual amount is between 4 % and 20 % for cancellations made until 60 days before departure. We will be glad to provide to you the exact cancellation policies of your chosen cruise line. as a travel agency does not charge any own fees for bookings, cancellations or re-bookings. You only need to pay any re-booking or cancellation fees set forth by the cruise lines (e.g. when changing a passenger's name).

5. What is your booking process?

Just browse on our website and use our search capabilities in order to find a suitable cruise. Then click the button "Availability" with any chosen cruise, and see the available categories and cabins. These are usually displayed directly in the ship's deck plan.

You can then make a preliminary booking (optional booking) an a cabin by entering your personal details and e-mail address. This is free of charge and without obligations for you, but it guarantees you the cabin at the given price for a period of one to four days. You will receive the details of your optional booking by e-mail.

In order to confirm your booking, you need to enter your credit card, from which the initial payment will be deducted. After the initial payment has been made, you will receive our booking confirmation. This payment might deviate depending on the cruise line.

Please note that when a booking is fixed, cancellation fees would apply if you needed to cancel the booking later (see above).

6. How is my payment secured?

Depending on the cruise lines' procedures, you pay your cruise directly to the cruise line or to us as a travel agency. In either case, your money is fully protected by an insolvency insurance, which is required for all tour operators in Germany. In case of a cruise lines' default, the insurance will reimburse you for any payments made before a cruise, and it will pay to fly you home if you should already be on a voyage.

If a cruise line chooses to take payments only through travel agents, your payments to will be regarded like a payment that has been made directly to the cruise line from a legal point of view. In the case of default of the travel agent, it would be sufficient for you to present evidence of your payment to the agent in order to receive your cruise ticket from the cruise line.

7. What forms of payment are possible?

Your cruise needs to be paid by credit card (Mastercard, VISA or American Express).

8. What are the payment terms?

In order to make a definite booking, an initial payment of 10 to 20 % is due, depending on the cruise lines’ terms. For Royal Caribbean, the initial payment is 10 %. The final payment is due until 30 days before departure (42 days for Princess and Carnival Cruises).

9. From where can I book?

We generally take bookings from all countries.

10. Can I take my car/motorcycle/pet on the ship?


11. Where can I turn to if I have a complaint?

As travel agency, we are your primary contact for all questions around your cruise voyage. Should there be a reason for a complaint before or after your voyage, we will do everything possible to help resolve the issue. We will forward complaints pertaining to the voyage itself to the customer service department of the respective cruise line.

As an alternative to legal measures, you can also contact the online dispute resolution portal of the European Union. The goal of that platform is to provide a cost-effective alternative means of dispute resolution outside of the legal system. All businesses offering goods and services in Europe must link to that website.