Current position AIDAnova

5200 Passengers (6600 with upper beds)
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Data according to itinerary:

Current position of AIDAnova: Barcelona/Spain
  • Time since arrival 10 hrs 26 min from Malaga/Spain (at 06:00 h local time)
  • Time until departure 3 hrs 34 min to Palma de Majorca/Spain (at 20:00 h local time)
  • Traveled distance since Las Palmas (Gran Canaria): 1,339.35 nm (2,480.48 km)
    • Temperature: 17.7 °C
    • Wind speed: 6.7 m/s

Webcam image of the AIDAnova:

Panorama-Blick nach vorne:

Ships in Barcelona on 19/04/2019

Note: We can only show those ships here that we have in our database.

Sunrise/Sunset in Barcelona on 19/04/2019

Sunrise: 07:05
Sunset: 20:32

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