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1250 Passengers (1250 with upper beds)
  • Magellan Ship View
  • Magellan premium interior stateroom
    Premium interior stateroom, approx. 12-13 sqm
  • Magellan Single interior stateroom
    Single interior stateroom, approx. 12.5 sqm
  • Magellan oceanview stateroom
    Oceanview stateroom, approx. 13 sqm
  • Magellan oceanview stateroom
    In most of the staterooms the single beds can be put together as a double bed.
  • Magellan oceanview stateroom porthole
    Some oceanview staterooms are equipped with a porthole or the view is obstructed.
  • Magellan premium oceanview
    Premium oceanview stateroom, approx. 13 sqm close to the restaurants
  • Magellan junior suite
    Junior suite, approx. 26 sqm incl. balcony
  • Magellan junior suite balcony
    The suites with balcony are located on the Navigator deck as well as the life boats. The view of the deluxe suites is obstructed.
  • Magellan Deluxe Suite
    Deluxe suite, approx. 27 sqm incl. balcony
  • Magellan Deluxe Suite
    The sleeping and living area are separated visually in the Deluxe suite.
  • Magellan Deluxe Suite
    In the Deluxe suite the sofa can be turned into a bed.
  • Magellan Deluxe suite
  • Magellan Deluxe suite
  • Magellan Deluxe suite
    The beds of the deluxe suite cannot be separated.
  • Magellan Royal Suite
    Royal Suite with walk-in closet, approx. 27 sqm incl. balcony
  • Magellan Royal Suite
  • Magellan Royal Suite
    The living area with a sofa bed and the sleeping area are separated visually.
  • Magellan Captain's Lounge
    In the evenings there is live music in the Captain's Lounge.
  • Magellan Captain's Lounge
    Three different beverage packages are offered which one can use in the bars and the restaurants.
  • Magellan Hampton's Lounge
  • Magellan Kensington Restaurant
    The friendly crew serves the several course menues for dinner at two dining times in the Kensington Restaurant.
  • Magellan Waldorf Restaurant
    The Waldorf Restaurant as well as the Kensington Restaurant is known for its à-la-carte service.
  • Magellan Waldorf Restaurant
  • Magellan Sinatra's Lounge Bar
    There is a grand piano in the stylish Sinatra's Lounge Bar too.
  • Magellan Sinatra's Lounge Bar
  • Magellan Show Lounge
    The seats in the Magellan Show Lounge cover two decks so many guests have the chance to see the shows.
  • Magellan Hampton's Lounge
    Due to the location next to the Kensington Restaurant on deck 8 the Hampton's Lounge is a wonderful place for an aperitif before having dinner..
  • Magellan Lido Bar
    At the sun deck a swimming pool and two jacuzzis are located near by the Lido Bar.
  • Magellan Pool
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Our rating of the Magellan:

Comfort and luxury65 of 100 points
Sports and fitness55 of 100 points
Spa and wellness57 of 100 points
Food72 of 100 points
Child-friendliness38 of 100 points
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