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Icon of the Seas

5610 Passengers (7514 with upper beds)

  • Royal Caribbean: Icon of the Seas ship view
  • Ship view by night
  • Ship bow by night
  • Ship side by night
  • Ship's stern by night
  • Ship's stern by night
  • Ship view at dusk
  • Ship's side
  • Ship view from above
  • Ship's stern by day
  • Ship's stern by day
  • Interior stateroom
    The interior staterooms have a size of approx. 14,5 sqm.
  • Interior Plus stateroom
    The interior plus staterooms have a walk-in closet.
  • Spacious Interior stateroom
    The spacious interior staterooms have a size of approx. 16.5 sqm.
  • Surfside family stateroom
    The Surfside family staterooms offer a view of the Surfside neighborhood - a neighborhood especially for families.
  • Central Park stateroom
    The Central Park staterooms are approx. 17 sqm and offer a good view over the Central Park.
  • Oceanview stateroom
    The outside staterooms have a size between 14.5 sqm and 17 sqm.
  • Panoramic oceanview stateroom
    The panoramic oceanview staterooms have a size of approx. 24 sqm.
  • Surfside family balcony stateroom
    The Surfside family balcony staterooms are approx. 18 sqm in size and have a 4.5 sqm balcony overlooking the Surfside area
  • Central Park balcony stateroom
    The balcony staterooms with a view of Central Park are approx. 18 sqm in size and have a 4.5 sqm balcony
  • Central Park Infinite balcony stateroom
    The Infinite Balcony staterooms with a view of Central Park are approx. 18.5 sqm and have a 4.5 sqm balcony
  • Balcony stateroom
    The balcony staterooms with sea view have a size of approx. 20 sqm and a 4.5 sqm balcony.
  • Infinite balcony stateroom
    The Infinite balcony staterooms are approx. 18.5 sqm and have a 4.5 sqm balcony, which can also be converted into additional living space.
  • Infinite family balcony stateroom
    The Infinite family balcony stateroom accommodates up to 6 guests and is approx. 26.5 sqm.
  • Infinite family balcony stateroom
  • Junior Suite
    The Junior Suites are approx. 30 sqm and have a 7.5 sqm balcony.
  • Sunset Junior Suite
    The Sunset Junior Suite has a 10.5 to 12 sqm balcony.
  • Surfside Family Suite
    The Surfside Family Suite is approx. 25 sqm and offers a great view over the family quarter "Surfside".
  • Panoramic Suite
    Floor-to-ceiling windows in the approx. 34 to 40.5 sqm Panoramic Suites allow a unique view of the sea.
  • Grand Suite
    The Grand Suite is approx. 40 sqm in size and has a 10 sqm balcony.
  • Infinite Grand Suite
    The Infinite Grand Suites offer the option of transforming part of the living space into a large balcony at the touch of a button
  • Sunset Suite
    The Sunset Suite has a size of approx. 36 sqm and a balcony of up to 11 sqm.
  • Sunset Corner Suite
    The Sunset Corner Suite has a size of approx. 35 sqm to 44.5 sqm.
  • Sunset Corner Suite
    The wrap-around balcony of the Sunset Corner Suite is 26 sqm to 33.5 sqm.
  • Owner's Suite
    The 61 sqm Owner's Suite has a separate bedroom.
  • Icon Loft Suite
    The bathroom of the Icon Loft Suite is equipped with an oversized shower for two.
  • Royal Loft Suite
    The bedroom of the Royal Loft Suite is located on the upper level.
  • Royal Loft Suite
    The Royal Loft Suite has its own whirlpool on the 65.5 sqm balcony.
  • Ultimate Family Townhouse
    In the Ultimate Family Townhouse find upstairs the separate master and kids' bedrooms, plus the entrance to the in-suite slide
  • Ultimate Family Townhouse
    The bottom level features an exclusive back patio with table tennis, a full bar and private access to the Surfside area.
  • Ultimate Family Townhouse
    The Ultimate Family Townhouse has a size of approx. 164.5 sqm.
  • Ultimate Family Townhouse
    The main level impress with a private cinema room, a huge living area and a wraparound balcony with a whirlpool.
  • Restaurant Coastal Kitchen
    The two-floor restaurant "Coastal Kitchen" is part of the Suite Neighborhood, an exclusive area for suite guests.
  • Aquadome
    In the AquaDome at the very top of the ship you can enjoy unique shows with light effects under a high waterfall.
  • Ice arena Absolute Zero
    In the ice arena, breathtaking shows await you in the evening, while during the day you can dare to go on the ice yourself.
  • Central Park
    In the Central Park, a green oasis with real plants, you can go for a walk or dine in numerous restaurants.
  • Surfside Eingang
    "Surfside" on deck 7 is a special area for families with lots of leisure activities.
  • Surfside
    In the Surfside Neighbourhood, there are not only carousels for children, but also restaurants with delicious meals and snacks for families.
  • Surfside Water's Edge Pool
    The Water's Edge Pool forms the end of the Surfside Neighbourhood and offers relaxation between all the activities.
  • Surfside
    There are numerous fountains and water slides for children in the extensive Splashaway Bay Aqua park at "Surfside".
  • Thrill Island
    "Thrill Island" offers leisure, sports and water activities, such as a free-fall water slide, a climbing wall or a surf simulator.
  • Thrill Island
    In addition to numerous activities, you will also find a wide selection of restaurants on "Thrill Island".
  • Thrill Island Wasserpark
    The water park "Category 6" is the largest water park at sea and is located on deck 20.
  • Chill Island
    "Chill Island" offers a large number of different pools, floating loungers, whirlpools and bars with live music.
  • Royal Bay Pool
    The Royal Bay Pool is the largest pool at sea with more than 150,000 litres of water.
  • Cloud 17
    "Cloud 17" is a special adults-only area with its own pool, bar and live music.
  • Swim & Tonic
    Enjoy a drink at the Swim & Tonic, the largest floating bar at sea.
  • Swim & Tonic
    The "Swim & Tonic" bar is located on deck 16.
  • Hideaway Pool
    The Hideaway Pool is the first suspended infinity pool at sea and is located on deck 15.
  • Hideaway Pool
    Enjoy the sunset in a beach club atmosphere in the lounge area of the Hideaway pool.

Our rating of the Icon of the Seas:

Comfort and luxury 76 of 100 points
Sports and fitness 87 of 100 points
Spa and wellness 83 of 100 points
Food 74 of 100 points
Child-friendliness 90 of 100 points
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