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Carnival Venezia

5260 Passengers (5260 with upper beds)

  • ship view
  • ship view
  • ship view
  • balcony stateroom
    The balcony staterooms are approx. 20-27 sqm large incl. balcony.
  • suite
    The suites are approx. 30 sqm large incl. balcony.
  • Atrium Piazza San Marco
    The atrium reminds of the venetian Piazza San Marco.
  • Lido pool deck
  • Lido pool deck
  • Lido pool deck
    The pool at the Lido deck is roofes and offers enough seating and lounging spaces.
  • Thermal area
    At the thermal area you can relax after an adventurous day.
  • Thalasso spa
    At the thalasso spa pure relaxation awaits you.
  • Women sauna
    In the sauna there are different sauna sessions, such as a womens sauna.
  • Cloud9 Salon
    At the Cloud9 Spa salon there are a lot of beauty treatments for you (for surcharge).
  • Cloud9 treatment room
    Book for example a relaxing massage.
  • theatre Teatro Rosso
    At the teatro Rosso there will be spectacular theater plays.
  • Casino
    Try your luck at the casino desk.
  • Casino
    Besides Poker and Roulette you will find loads of slot machines at the casino.
  • Lido marketplace buffet restaurant
    The lido marketplace is the buffet restaurant aboard.
  • Lido marketplace
    The Lido marketplace restaurant is located on deck 10.
  • Lido Marketplace
    At the Lido marketplace you will receive breakfast, lunch and dinner as a buffet.
  • Blush Dining Room
    The Blush Dining Room is your dinner place on two decks.
  • Sapphire Dining Room
    The Sapphire Dining room is located midships on two decks.
  • Atlantic Dining Room
  • Canal Grande Restaurant
    The Canal Grande restaurant is located on deck 3 and 4 stern.
  • Canal Grande Restaurant
    The Canal Grande restaurant reminds of beautiful Venice.
  • Marco Polo Restaurant
    The Marco Polo restaurant is the main restaurant with a la carte service.
  • Marco Polo Restaurant
    The Marco Polo restaurant is located on deck 3 midships.
  • Bonsai Sushi
    At the Bonsai Sushi restaurant you will receive delicious sushi creations at a surcharge.
  • Bonsai Sushi
    Take a seat at the counter and watch the sushi chefs create the traditional sushi creations.
  • Guys Burger Joint
    At Guys Burger Joint you will get the best burgers for lunch for free!
  • Guys Burger Joint
  • Café Javablue
    The Javablue café has fun twists on the hot and cold drinks you can enjoy.
  • Javablue Café
  • Blue Iguana Cantina
    At the Blue Iguana Cantina you will receive mexican breakfast and lunch at no extra costs.
  • Blue Iguana Tequila Bar
    Enjoy delicious tequila creations at the Blue Iguana tequila bar.
  • Sunshine Beer Station
    Enjoy delicious draught beer at the Sunshine Beer Station.
  • Alchemy Bar
    Enjoy a special mixed cocktail at the Alchemy Bar (surcharge).
  • Red Frog Pub
    The Red Frog Pub combines the ambiance of a Caribbean beach bar with the cozy atmosphere of a British Pub.
  • Red Frog Pub
  • Red Frog Pub Bar
    At the Red Frog Pub Bar there is a tasty signature private-label brew, the ThirstyFrog Red.
  • Red Frog Rum Bar
  • Pool stern
    You will have the perfect Ocean view while swimming in the pool.
  • Sky Course Family
    The Sky Course Family high rope course is fun for the whole family.
  • Basketball Sports Square
    A fun basketball game with friends? No problem on the Basketball Sports Square.
  • Sports Deck
    At the Sports deck there a various activities for the whole family.
  • Skyride
    At airy heights there is a long splint parcours, the Skyride, that offers a breathtaking view of the ocean (surcharge).
  • Minigolf
    On the minigolf field you will see who makes the goal in the fewest strokes.
  • Minigolf
  • Ropes climbing area
  • Boydrain Pipe
    At the waterworks slide park there a various exciting slides, such as the Boydrain Pipe.
  • Family Slide
    Also the Family Slide is located in the waterworks waterslides park.
  • Waterworks
  • Waterworks
  • Dr. Seuss Waterworks
  • Serenity Area
    The Serenity area is the adulty only area aboard the Carnival Venezia.
  • Serenity Adults Only

Overall rating

8.1 Very Good
Based on 37 recent customer reviews.

Our rating of the Carnival Venezia:

Comfort and luxury 76 of 100 points
Sports and fitness 76 of 100 points
Spa and wellness 75 of 100 points
Food 80 of 100 points
Child-friendliness 84 of 100 points

Our customers say:

Entertainment 3.3/5
                            Source: Own rating
Child-friendliness 3.9/5
                            Source: Own rating
Overall rating of ship 4.2/5
                            Source: Own rating
Food 4.2/5
                            Source: Own rating
Sports 3.4/5
                            Source: Own rating
Service 4.4/5
                            Source: Own rating
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