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5200 Passengers

  • Arvia ship view
  • Aft Suite bedroom
    Relax in the comfortable bedroom of the Aft Suite of Arvia.
  • Aft Suite lounge
    Enjoy the time in the lounge of the Aft Suite.
  • Conservatory Mini Suite
    In the Conservatoy Mini Suite you will find extra space in the lounge area.
  • Conservatory Mini Suite inside
    The Conservatory Mini Suite is approx. 25 sqm.
  • Balcony stateroom
    The size of the balcony staterooms variies between ca. 9-27 sqm.
  • inside stateroom
    The inside staterooms are perfect for guests that wish to travel in a more economical way. The size of the stateroom varies between ca. 9 qm and 19 qm.
  • SkyDome
    You can relax perfectly in the SkyDome even in bad weather. In the evenings you can enjoy blockbuster movies on the SeaScreen.
  • Pool Deck 18
    On deck 18 you can find one of the outside pools of the Arvia.
  • 6th Street Diner
    If you like american food, you will love the 6th Street Diner on deck 6.
  • Green & Co featuring Mizuhana
    The chic contemporary restaurant Green & Co featuring Mizuhana serves sushi and fish dishes.
  • Amber Lounge
    Enjoy a great cocktail in the Amber Lounge on deck 6 in the evening.
  • Atrium
    The Atrium of the Arvia spans three decks. You can relax or enjoy a performance of aerial performers.
  • Glass House specialty restaurant
    The specialty restaurant Glass House opens in the evening for you. You can dine here with an extra fee.
  • Limelight Club
    At the Limelight Club you can dine in the evenings with a fee, accompanied by Entertainment.
  • Headliner's Theatre
    At the Headliner's Theatre on deck 6 and 7 you will experience breathtaking shows.
  • running track
    The running track on board can be found on deck 18.

Our rating of the Arvia:

Comfort and luxury 75 of 100 points
Sports and fitness 72 of 100 points
Spa and wellness 75 of 100 points
Food 77 of 100 points
Child-friendliness 73 of 100 points
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