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    • Travel Month:
    • February 2024
    • Travel destination:
    • South America

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      • How did you like your cabin no. 10102?
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      • It was spacious enough, the cleaner was lovely. Didn’t use the balcony as much as I thought et would.
      • How do you rate the cuisine/the food and beverages offered on the MSC Seaview?
      • 4 from 5
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      • Alll fine

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      • 3 from 5
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      • yes

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      • This was the first cruise that I booked over the Internet
      • no
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      • no
      • Comments about the service of
      • Seascanner is an amazing website. It’s not beautiful in design but so complete and easy to find cruises that you want. I consider it way above any other cruise website that I have come across - primarily the search options and range of cruises covered. However, once you have booked everything turns to German which drove me mad. I couldn’t go direct to MSC - everything had to go through seascanner and all the information/where to find help was in German. The MSC app was in German and although I could get bits of it in English the important parts (drinks packages/internet/excursions etc. were in German). I was told that I was informed of this during the booking but I don’t remember seeing that and would not accept it in the future. In future I would use seascanner to source cruises and book through an English speaking company which seems a shame that you do all the hard work but don’t get the booking.
    Thanks for evaluating your cruise. We understand that it is a challenge to understand a foreign language. We inform all our guests already within the Optional booking about the following: Please note that all information from MSC Cruises Germany will only be available in German.

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