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See customer review: Oasis of the Seas

    • Travel Month:
    • February/March 2010
    • Travel destination:
    • Eastern Caribbean

    “Wonderful facilities on board. However these huge consentration of turists on such small islands will in the end ruin the business. ”

Questions about the Oasis of the Seas

    • How did you like your cabin no. 12589?
    • 4 from 5
    • Your comment about your cabin?
    • Leave out the sofa for a more specious feeling. Noone will ever sit there anyway and it will give more space for use of closet. Wonderful balcony but by shere luck we had a balcony turning to Central Park. If I had been facing the Boardwalk side that would have ruined my cruise. This was luck but the difference between these two ends of the ship should be clear when booking.
    • How do you rate the cuisine/the food and beverages offered on the Oasis of the Seas?
    • 5 from 5
    • Your rating of sports, fitness and wellness on board the Oasis of the Seas:
    • 5 from 5
    • If you traveled with children: Was the cruise child-friendly?
    • 5 from 5
    • How do you rate the service in the restaurant, cabin and bars?
    • 5 from 5
    • Please give an overall rating of the ship Oasis of the Seas
    • 5 from 5
    • Would you like to note some short remarks about the Oasis of the Seas?
    • Logistics are amazing.
      I missed suplementary information on the places we visited. This could be offered through the information system in the cabins by links to established information channels not commersialised information.
      The speaker syetam did not work propely. I did not understand one single speaker information on deck but imagine they were all commersial anyway.

Questions about the tour operator Royal Caribbean

    • How well was the embarkation organized?
    • 5 from 5
    • How satisfied were you with the tour operator guide on board?
    • 2 from 5
    • How do you rate the extra expenses on board (1=very affordable, 5=very high)
    • 4 from 5
    • Would you travel again with Royal Caribbean?
    • no
    • Comments about Royal Caribbean
    • I miss sustainable business practise. I will never go to small islands with a cruise ship anymore. It will in the end ruin a profitale business only to focus on commersial aspects. I have cruised with RC in Europe and it works much better with big cities where a cultural aspect can taken. I do not cruise only for the food and the bargain.
      c better

Questions about

    • This was the first cruise that I booked over the Internet
    • yes
    • How satisfied were you with the handling of your booking by
    • 5 from 5
    • Would you book again with
    • yes
    • Comments about the service of
    • Excellent

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