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See customer review: Queen Mary 2

    • Travel Month:
    • September 2023
    • Travel destination:
    • Western Europe

    “Amazing experience from start to end. ”

Questions about the Queen Mary 2

    • How did you like your cabin no. 4074?
    • 5 from 5
    • Your comment about your cabin?
    • We loved our balcony room. It's sheltered but we had a perfect view of the ocean and it's very spacious too. We also had no noise disturbance from anywhere.
    • How do you rate the cuisine/the food and beverages offered on the Queen Mary 2?
    • 5 from 5
    • How did you like the entertainment program?
    • 5 from 5
    • How do you rate the service in the restaurant, cabin and bars?
    • 5 from 5
    • Please give an overall rating of the ship Queen Mary 2
    • 5 from 5
    • Would you like to note some short remarks about the Queen Mary 2?
    • We thoroughly enjoyed our dining at the Britannia every night. We tried the buffet at King's Court one night but we didn't really like what was on offer. Perhaps it's a hit and miss with the buffet, but the Britannia definitely never disappoints. We also ate at the Golden Lion pub and got daily room service. Thrilled with the food and service.

Questions about the tour operator Cunard Line

    • How well was the embarkation organized?
    • 4 from 5
    • How satisfied were you with the tour operator guide on board?
    • 5 from 5
    • How do you rate the extra expenses on board (1=very affordable, 5=very high)
    • 4 from 5
    • Would you travel again with Cunard Line?
    • yes
    • Comments about Cunard Line
    • The waiting to embark was a little awkward. It's just going from one waiting area to another. If you are not eager to board early and dislike waiting around then show up at a later time.

Questions about

    • This was the first cruise that I booked over the Internet
    • yes
    • How satisfied were you with the handling of your booking by
    • 5 from 5
    • Would you book again with
    • yes
    • Comments about the service of
    • Extremely happy with the service of I needed to make some changes to the cabins I booked and they accommodated smoothly. Will book again through them.

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