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    • Travel Month:
    • August 2022
    • Travel destination:
    • Eastern Mediterranean

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      • Value for money

    Questions about the Regal Princess

      • How did you like your cabin no. R718?
      • 5 from 5
      • Your comment about your cabin?
      • Excellent
      • How do you rate the cuisine/the food and beverages offered on the Regal Princess?
      • 4 from 5
      • How did you like the entertainment program?
      • 4 from 5
      • How do you rate the service in the restaurant, cabin and bars?
      • 4 from 5
      • Please give an overall rating of the ship Regal Princess
      • 4 from 5
      • Would you like to note some short remarks about the Regal Princess?
      • Overall very good, but could be noisy and busy at time.
        Beer choice poor, too many American lager type beers not enough European beers.

    Questions about the tour operator Princess Cruises

      • How well was the embarkation organized?
      • 4 from 5
      • How do you rate the extra expenses on board (1=very affordable, 5=very high)
      • 3 from 5
      • Would you travel again with Princess Cruises?
      • no
      • Comments about Princess Cruises
      • In general a good cruise line, value for money, with friendly efficient staff.
        Ships tours are very expensive.
        Beer choice is poor.

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      • How satisfied were you with the handling of your booking by
      • 5 from 5
      • Would you book again with
      • yes
      • Comments about the service of
      • Very good, did the job well.

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