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See customer review: Vision of the Seas

    • Travel Month:
    • July 2010
    • Travel destination:
    • Baltic Sea

    Questions about the Vision of the Seas

      • How did you like your cabin no. 3500?
      • 1 from 5
      • Your comment about your cabin?
      • When we booked cabin 3500 it looked like it was bigger than the rest of the cabins and with a dubble bed and a big window, but it was the same size as the rest of the cabins with two small round windows and no doubble bed!!!
      • How do you rate the cuisine/the food and beverages offered on the Vision of the Seas?
      • 4 from 5
      • How did you like the entertainment program?
      • 4 from 5
      • Your rating of sports, fitness and wellness on board the Vision of the Seas:
      • 5 from 5
      • If you traveled with children: Was the cruise child-friendly?
      • 4 from 5
      • How do you rate the service in the restaurant, cabin and bars?
      • 4 from 5
      • Please give an overall rating of the ship Vision of the Seas
      • 4 from 5
      • Would you like to note some short remarks about the Vision of the Seas?
      • The service in the Aquarius restaurante was great but at the buffet restaurant at deck 9 the service was poor. I would have preffered the service to bee more like at both places....

    Questions about the tour operator Royal Caribbean

      • How well was the embarkation organized?
      • 2 from 5
      • How do you rate the extra expenses on board (1=very affordable, 5=very high)
      • 2 from 5
      • Would you travel again with Royal Caribbean?
      • yes
      • Comments about Royal Caribbean
      • We embarked in Helsinki, but we had to stand in the sun and wait for over an hour with two children...and seascanner informed us that the ship arrived at Skatuddskajen, but that was totally the wrong place....

        The price of sprite and other drinks were very high and I do not like the system of tipping.....should be inclueded in the price.

    Questions about

      • This was the first cruise that I booked over the Internet
      • yes
      • How satisfied were you with the handling of your booking by
      • 5 from 5
      • Would you book again with
      • yes
      • Comments about the service of
      • The only negative thing was the habour in Helsinki... but that was of course an important thing.....

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