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The cruise line Hurtigruten

MS Midnatsol



Who knows the Norwegian coast perfectly? Exactly… Hurtigruten!


This cruise line was founded in 1893 by captain Richard With who wanted to connect North and South Norway with a steamboat. The first ship that cruised between Hammerfest and Svalbard was the DS Lofoten in 1896. From 1936 on Hurtigruten traveled from Bergen on a daily basis and consisted of 14 ships. The oldest ship of the fleet is MS Lofoten. It was launched in 1964. Its last renovation was done in 2015 and its classic style from the 60s was renewed. Since that time Hurtigruten have called the ship “pearl of the fleet”.


In 2017 the construction of the first worldwide hybrid ship for expeditions was announced. This is going to carry the name of the well-known arctic scientist Roald Amundsen. From May 2019 on you can spend your exciting vacation on this expedition cruise ship.


In 2020 the second ship of this hybrid-class MS Fridtjof Nansen will be put into service.



All the voyages of Hurtigruten




At the moment (2019) the Hurtigruten fleet consists of 16 ships which we would like to present you as follows:


Pool MS Finnmarken



MS Finnmarken (919 passengers)

MS Finnmarken is the only ship of Hurtigruten that is equipped with a swimming pool and a whirlpool on deck. The ship is furnished in Art-déco-style with luscious colours and geometric patterns. You can also take your car with you. Discover nature, culture and animals with the committed expeditionsteam on MS Finnmarken.





MS Fram (318 passengers)

MS Fram is used mainly for the expedition cruises of Hurtigruten. It was designed for Arctic waters and can navigate between floating ice sheets and small islands perfectly. Onboard you can often meet well-known scientists who use the ship as a ferry. Be a scientist yourself and travel with MS Fram on exciting expedition cruises.


MS Fridtjof Nansen (530 passengers)

MS Fridtjof Nansen will be the second hybrid expedition cruise ship of Hurtigruten and will be put into service in 2020. With this ship you will discover new itineraries and Arctic waters. This cruise ship has only oceanview staterooms. In addition one can find a gym, swimming pool and jacuzzi onboard. Do not miss this.


MS Kong Harald (590 passengers)

This ship was named after the monarch of Norway, King Harald. On deck you can find two jacuzzis for example. As well as other cruise ships of Hurtigruten, MS Kong Harald also has an expedition team onboard to present you lectures as well as evening events.


MS Lofoten (400 passengers)

The classic MS Lofoten was put into service in 1964 and was renovated in 2003. The atmosphere and the original style were kept to the greatest possible extent. If you wish to relive a classic Hurtigruten adventure, the ship is the right one for you.


MS Midnatsol (970 passengers)

The MS Midnatsol is known due to the tv-documentation “Hurtigruten 365”. It is mainly equipped with domestic materials and has ice-class 1c. Therefore, it is perfectly qualified for the Antarctic. The MS Midnatsol has a two-story lounge with panoramic windows which is located at the bow. The view is incredible.




MS Nordkapp (590 passengers)

Do you know the most northern place in Europe? The MS Nordkapp is named after this point, the North Cape and in German Nordkap. It was christened in 1996 and renovated in 2016. The style of the ship was inspired by the Arctic. You can also take your car with you. Onboard you can enjoy the surrounding nature in the Explorer Lounge.






MS Nordlys (590 passengers)

Build in 1994, the MS Nordlys was renewed in 2019. The style of the cruise ship was inspired by the Northern Lights, the Aurora Borealis. On MS Nordlys you will be accompanied by a team of expedition cruise experts who will present you lectures and evening events.


MS Nordnorge (590 passengers)

The MS Nordnorge  was build in 1997 and renovated in 2016. There are a few restaurants, a backery and an ice-cream bar as well as a sauna and a gym onboard. You can park your car conveniently on the car-deck during your cruise and concentrate on the exciting expeditions. You will also be accompanied by a team of expedition cruise experts who will present you lectures and evening events.


MS Nordstjernen (149 passengers)

Do you know the term “Stella Polaris” or “North Star”? The MS Nordstjernen was named after this pole star. The ship is equipped with a dining area, a bar, a panorama salon and a library. The staterooms are mainly equipped with bunk beds. In addition, all rooms and ceilings are decorated with beautiful old timber which creates a special atmosphere.


MS Polarlys (619 passengers)

Named after the Northern Lights this ship was build in 1996 and renovated in 2016. There are a few restaurants, a bakery and an ice-cream bar, a sauna and a gym onboard. In addition there are two whirlpools and an expedition team. This team will present you interesting lectures as well as presentations on the ship and sun deck. Furthermore, you can learn directly about the sightseeing places along the coast.


MS Richard With (590 passengers)

This proud ship carries the name of the founder of Hurtigruten. The MS Richard With is equipped in a maritime-classic style. Onboard you can use the following facilities: sun deck, a huge observation lounge with panoramic windows, a restaurant, a separate à la carte restaurant, a café, a bar, a shop, a conference room and a gym with sauna. In addition, an expedition team will accompany you and present you lectures.


MS Roald Amundsen (530 passengers)

In 2019 the Hurtigruten fleet will have a new addition: The MS Roald Amundsen. It will be environmentally friendly and equipped with hybrid technology. In combination with the especially constructed hull, the carbon dioxide emission can be reduced by 20 %.  The ship will be almost soundless. The facilities are modern and you can enjoy your stay onboard.


MS Spitsbergen (335 passengers)

The MS Spitsbergen was named after the “Arctic Crown of Norway”, the Svalbard archipelago Spitsbergen. From September to May it travels along the Norwegian coast and the rest of the time it will be on expedition cruises. It was renovated in 2016 and is equipped with a bar, a panorama lounge, a bistro, a shop, a gym as well with a sauna and jacuzzi.


MS Trollfjord (822 passengers)

The MS Trollfjord was build in 2002. The facilities are comfortable, modern and build from Norwegian wood/stone. Art will be shown onboard and there is a sun deck, a whirlpool and a huge panorama lounge. There will be a few bars, a café , a library, a restaurant, a game room, a gym and a separate dining room with à la carte-service. You can conveniently take your car onboard.


MS Vesteralen (490 passengers)

The MS Vesteralen was named after the first Hurtigruten ship and is one of the smaller ships of the fleet. It was build in 1983 and renovated in 1995. There is a friendly relaxed mood onboard and you will experience an authentic cruise ship atmosphere. The program onboard will include conversations with crew members who will inform you about the life onboard. A short film about the cruise ship itself will be shown. There is a panorama lounge, a café, a restaurant, a shop, conference rooms, a bar, a separate playroom for children, a gym as well as a park deck. You can conveniently take your car onboard.





The classic round voyage classic round voyage

The travel guide “Lonely Planet” calls this itinerary “The World´s most beautiful voyage”.  This cruise takes you from Bergen to Kirkenes and vice-versa. Hurtigruten is mainly known for this route. The cruise takes 12 days and depending on the season, the nature that you can see during this vacation changes drastically. On this classic round-trip you can get to know the entire coast of Norway. Of course, Hurtigruten also offers further itineraries. We would like to introduce a few of them to you as follows:



Daily there is a Hurtigruten ship taking off to discover the beautiful coast of Norway. Under the midnight sun as well as under the stunning Northern Lights. The classic roundtrip voyage from Bergen to Kirkenes and back to Bergen takes 12 days. You can also book just a part of the voyage only northbound or only southbound. The ships take you into the most beautiful fjords and charming ports. Experience history, culture, nature, wild animals and adventure on this cruise.





The coldest continent on earth will take your breath away. This beautiful white plain area, the unaffected beauty of the nature and the absolute solitude will fascinate you. Seek for wild animals that leave their prints in the white snow. Witness this spectacular adventure on a polar cruise expedition with Hurtigruten.   



The biggest island of the world bribes with its multifarious landscape. Little fjords, impressive mountains with wild nature and powerful icebergs sketch Greenland. Experience it vividly on a expedition with Hurtigruten in Arctic waters.



En-route to Svalbard awaits an adventure. The “gate to the North Pole” is made of fascinating landscapes like ice, wind and ocean. The island is situated isolated north of the Arctic Circle. If you are lucky, you can meet the king of the Arctic: the polar bear.



The spectacular landscape of glaciers, volcanos, geysers, waterfalls, thermal springs and fields of lava are shaping the beautiful island of Iceland. Many parts of nature are untouched by humans. Iceland is also well-known for the moving history of the Vikings. It is an absolute dream for travellers to travel to Iceland.


Northwest Passage:

The legendary Northwest Passage connects the Atlantic Ocean with the Pacific Ocean. The passage is rarely cruised and goes past Greenland.



Alaska is well-know for its diversity. Loads of mountains and forests with different kinds of animals can be found there. Small villages, huge glaciers and breath-taking adventures are waiting for you.


South America:

The South American coast has interesting features for everyone. It is a perfect mixture of nature, landscapes, culture and wild animals. Discover lonely beaches as well as buzzing cities and let yourself get fascinated by encounters with domestic animals.


North America:

The Canadian east coast is kept wild and beautiful. Therefore, it sparks interest in every discoverer. Visit the alluring parts of the Arctic islands, Newfoundland, Greenland, Labrador and Iceland.



You can experience different cruises in Europe. Hurtigruten divides these in South, Middle and North Europe. You can choose your personal adventure.



On these expedition cruises you can encounter walruses and polar bears as you travel along some islands in the Arctic. Visit the interesting archipelago of Franz-Joseph-Land with Hurtigruten.


Caribbean and Central America:

A mixture of lonely islands and lively capitals can be found here. Azure waters and white beaches are a trademark of these continents. A perfect combination of an unforgettable cruise and a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.



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