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Greenland Cruises

Embark on a Greenland cruise and begin a real adventure into this remote part of the world, where a dramatic, unspoilt landscape of rugged terrain and icy Arctic waters is home to a multitude of astonishing, rare wildlife and small, isolated communities, whose traditional culture is so in tune with nature, it provides inspiration to our modern world.


Greenland is truly exceptional in its breath-taking scenery and richly diverse wildlife. Tremendous, glistening icebergs and glaciers, all uniquely-shaped and effervescent in colour, cut into the rocky cliff sides forming spectacular, long winding fjords, as magnificent green mountains rise up from the serene waters below.


Catch glimpses of some of nature’s hardiest, yet most majestic mammals, birds and marine life, as they do battle with the intensity of Mother Nature to survive in this environment.

Be a guest at our planet’s most incredible night time light show; the Aurora Borealis, and be amazed as the sky is lit up with vivid green and purple hues; an utterly magical experience on your Greenland cruise.


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    Round trip from/to Reykjavik visiting 6 ports including Húsavík, Scenic Cruising Northeast Greenland National Park and Scenic Cruising Scoresbysund
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