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    • Port
    • Arrive
    • Depart
    • Date: Fri 29/11/24
    • Port: Passau / Germany
    • Depart: 16:00
    • Date: Sat 30/11/24
    • Port: Vienna / Austria
    • Arrive: 12:30
    • Date: Sun 01/12/24
    • Port: Vienna / Austria
    • Depart: 07:30
    • Date: Sun 01/12/24
    • Port: Krems / Austria
    • Arrive: 14:00
    • Depart: 19:00
    • Date: Mon 02/12/24
    • Port: Linz / Austria
    • Arrive: 08:30
    • Depart: 20:30
    • Date: Tue 03/12/24
    • Port: Passau / Germany
    • Arrive: 05:00

Itinerary-Ship encounters

Itinerary may be subject to change at any time.

Additional Remarks

Sadly there's no route map available for this voyage


Adults : Child<12 ** Teen<17 **Currency
** Children: at departure younger than 12
Teenagers: at departure younger than 17

Included in Cruise Price

Not included benefits

Special Services

Beverage packages per trip
Beverage Package (River)

Included in the beverage package: Mineral water and water in the cabin as well as for the shore excursions, opened wine in a glass, draft and bottled beer, cocktails and long drinks, opened alcohol-free beverages, all kinds of coffee (withouth alcohol) and tea as well as hot chocolate (9-24 h). Booking of the package only for all persons in the cabin and for the entire length of the cruise.

€116.00 per person
nicko cruises: English speaking guide on board

On board this river cruise the standard language is German. But on this cruise there will also be an additional english speaking guide.

Please note, in order to secure guides accordingly, we kindly ask you to book excursion packages in advance (if required). Subject to change and availability. 
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