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Current position MSC Armonia

2679 Passengers

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Data according to itinerary:

Current position of MSC Armonia: Under way from Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve to Ocho Rios

  • Departure was 17 hrs 15 min ago. (at 19:00 h local time)
  • Arrival will be in 21 hrs 45 min. (at 10:00 h local time)
  • Traveled distance since Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve: 303.79 nm (562.62 km)
  • Remaining distance to Ocho Rios: 384.20 nm (711.54 km)
  • Traveled distance since Miami (FL): 360.40 nm (667.46 km)
  • Course: 113°

Webcam image of the MSC Armonia:

Ships in Ocho Rios on 27/02/2020

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