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Current local time: 2:01 pm

Map: Punta Arenas / Chile

Ships in Punta Arenas on 04.12.19

Note: We can only show those ships here that we have in our database.

Sunrise/Sunset in Punta Arenas on 04.12.19

Sunrise: 04:11
Sunset: 20:55

Current weather in Punta Arenas (Aug 21, 2019)

    • Current weather in Punta Arenas
    • 4 °C
      39 °F
    • Current wind conditions in Punta Arenas
    • 040°, 7,7 m/s
      (4-5 Beaufort)
    • The report was made a moment ago, at 18:00 UTC. The wind was blowing at a speed of 7,7 meters per second (17,3 miles per hour) from northeast (040°). The atmospheric pressure was 1013 hPa (29.91 inHg). The relative humidity was 80,8 %. The sky was overcast from a height of 701 meter (2300 feet) The overall visibility was greater than 10 kilometers (6.2 miles). Currently light rain.

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