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Vasco da Gama
    • Date
    • Port
    • Arrive
    • Depart
    • Date: Sun 16/07/23
    • Port: Kiel / Germany
    • Depart: 18:00
    • Date: Mon 17/07/23
    • Port: At Sea
    • Date: Tue 18/07/23
    • Port: Bergen / Norway
    • Arrive: 10:00
    • Depart: 18:00
    • Date: Thu 20/07/23
    • Port: Kristiansund* / Norway
    • Arrive: 08:00
    • Depart: 14:00
    • Date: Fri 21/07/23
    • Port: Crossing the Arctic Circle
    • Date: Mon 24/07/23
    • Port: Hammerfest / Norway
    • Arrive: 07:00
    • Depart: 15:00
    • Date: Tue 25/07/23
    • Port: At Sea
    • Date: Wed 26/07/23
    • Port: Trondheim / Norway
    • Arrive: 14:00
    • Depart: 22:00
    • Date: Thu 27/07/23
    • Port: Ålesund / Norway
    • Arrive: 12:00
    • Depart: 20:00
    • Date: Fri 28/07/23
    • Port: At Sea
    • Date: Sat 29/07/23
    • Port: Gothenburg / Sweden
    • Arrive: 07:00
    • Depart: 13:00
    • Date: Sun 30/07/23
    • Port: Kiel / Germany
    • Arrive: 08:00

Itinerary-Ship encounters

Traveled Distance: 6,113.39 km/3,300.97 nm

* Ship is anchored; Tendering weather permitting.

Itinerary may be subject to change at any time.

Additional Remarks

Sadly there's no route map available for this voyage


Adults : Child<12 ** Teen<17 **Currency
** Children: at departure younger than 12
Teenagers: at departure younger than 17

Included in Cruise Price

Not included benefits

Special Services

Beverage packages per trip
Beverage package kids & teens

The beverage package includes all open non-alcoholic drinks: juices, soft drinks, water, sparkling water, hot chocolate and tea. Only bookable for children under the age of 18 and must be booked for the whole cruise length.

€168.00 per person
Beverage Package Classic

Included in the beverage package: Mineral water and water, all non-alcoholic beverages, all speciality non-alcoholic coffees, hot chocolate, tea, all non-alcoholic cocktails and non-alcoholic beer. In addition, the package includes house wine by the glass, house sparkling wine by the glass, wine by the glass, Port Wine, Madeira Wine, Sherry and draft and bottled beer (excluding Guinness and Somersby Cider).Booking of the package only for all persons in the stateroom older than 18 years and for the entire length of the cruise.

€406.00 per person
Beverage Package Premium

The beverage package includes all drinks of the Beverage Package Classic and Crémant by the glass, Guinness and Somersby Cider (bottled beer), all alcoholic cocktails, San Pellegrino Sparkling, Premium Mixer, various types of Scotches, Whiskies, Gin, Vodka, Rum, Tequilas, Brandies and Cognac, various spirits, liqueurs, Bitter, Vermouth and Aquavit. Booking of the package only for all persons in the stateroom older than 18 years and for the entire length of the cruise.

€686.00 per person
nicko flex option 2022 (FLEXH)

With the nicko flex option, you can rebook your trip up to 60 days before departure free of charge to an equivalent trip in the 2022/2023 financial year. Any flight cancellation costs will be checked when the nicko Flex option is used and must be requested by the customer. The amount is due immediately after booking and cannot be canceled. Applies to all ocean voyages with a cruise start in 2022 and 2023.

€100.00 per person
Arrival & Departure



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