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Seine Comtesse
    • Date
    • Port
    • Arrive
    • Depart
    • Date: Sat 18/09/21
    • Port: Paris / France
    • Depart: 20:00
    • Date: Sun 19/09/21
    • Port: Rouen (Paris) / France
    • Arrive: 16:00
    • Depart: 19:00
    • Date: Mon 20/09/21
    • Port: Le Havre / France
    • Arrive: 05:00
    • Depart: 19:00
    • Date: Wed 22/09/21
    • Port: Vernon / France
    • Arrive: 09:00
    • Depart: 14:00
    • Date: Fri 24/09/21
    • Port: Paris / France
    • Arrive: 19:30
    • Date: Sat 25/09/21
    • Port: Paris / France

Itinerary-Weather and ship encounters

Itinerary may be subject to change at any time.

Additional Remarks

Sadly there's no route map available for this voyage


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Struck-through prices: Cabin category is sold out

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Special Services

Beverage Package

Included in the beverage package: Mineral water and water in the cabin as well as for the shore excursions, opened wine in a glass, draft and bottled beer, cocktail of the day, opened alcohol-free beverages, all kinds of coffee (withouth alcohol) and tea as well as hot chocolate (9-24 h). Booking of the package only for all persons in the cabin and for the entire length of the cruise.

€180.00 per person
nicko Flex Option (FLEXF)

Within the nicko flex option, you can rebook your 2021 cruise until 40 days prior departure to a similar cruise in 2021/2022 once and free of charge. The fee is due right after the firm booking and non-refundable.

€50.00 per person
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