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Voyage description

    • Date
    • Port
    • Date: Tue 16/06/20
    • Port: Arrival
    • Date: Wed 17/06/20
    • Port: Transfer
    • Date: Wed 17/06/20
    • Port: Bergen / Norway
    • Date: Thu 18/06/20
    • Port: Ålesund / Norway
    • Date: Sat 20/06/20
    • Port: Crossing the Arctic Circle
    • Date: Sat 20/06/20
    • Port: Bodø / Norway
    • Date: Sun 21/06/20
    • Port: Harstad / Norway
    • Date: Sun 21/06/20
    • Port: Tromsø / Norway
    • Date: Tue 23/06/20
    • Port: Kirkenes / Norway
    • Date: Wed 24/06/20
    • Port: Tromsø / Norway
    • Date: Thu 25/06/20
    • Port: Harstad / Norway
    • Date: Fri 26/06/20
    • Port: Crossing the Arctic Circle
    • Date: Sat 27/06/20
    • Port: Molde / Norway
    • Date: Sun 28/06/20
    • Port: Bergen / Norway
    • Date: Sun 28/06/20
    • Port: Return Flight

Itinerary-Weather and ship encounters

Traveled Distance: 5,125.45 km/2,767.52 nm

Itinerary may be subject to change at any time.

Additional Remarks

Sadly there's no route map available for this voyage


Adults : Currency

Included in Cruise Price

Not included benefits

 Hurtigruten: Group voyage
You prefer travelling in a group?

No problem, this cruise is a Hurtigruten Group voyage. That means you will meet your tour guide and the other group members already at the airport and travel collectively to the destination and stay together through the whole cruise. Collective dinner, excursions, pre- or post cruise hotel stay, on this voyage you are never going to be alone!

Also: Your tour guide is a real expert in the destination and can always provide you with exciting background informations.

 The mentioned amenities are already included in the shown prices! The group voyage only takes place at a minimum of 20 persons. By an unexpected cancellation of the tour guide a colleague with an equal expertise will be applied.
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